. . random thoughts awareness proficiency test . .


. . mere intrusions of horrors - even in joy as I'd find out, years later - into whatever Reality was; those are what focused the development of my version of that Substance of homo sapient life. My fucking perspective.

I mean, talk about emu . . pffffft! I was swimming in it.

I don't know how to say how it was that I became alive, or exactly, much less precisely, feel that I know what to do about manifesting a new reality from the strewn 'round analogs of reality which comprise the memories of the mind enskulled atop my shoulders.

At any rate, I'll never be busted doin' this.

So I guess it could be a whole lotta worse.


  1. Swimming In Emu

    Sounds like a name of a song or a band or something.


    I've done my fair share, MB.

  2. And, as always BG, it is quitely enough.

    Make sure to wash yer hands after petting the chimpster. {as if you need the promptin'..}


  3. I posted something to sort of go with that vid. Take care, and have a laugh today. :-)

  4. Laughs had, Blueberry! Yours must be this guy after crackin' his skull goin' over backwards.

    Doh! Dikkii! I'm honored, dude. Pickin' 5 is always the hard part for me on these tags. There're always more than 5 that fit the tag. Always..

    Ahhh... Wish I had more problems like that, don't ya know. Thanks!

  5. This isn't one of those monkey say, monkey do tests is it?

  6. Hear no evil, see no evil, smell no evil.

  7. And thanks for inspiring my blogpost (you and Blueberry :-)


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