Oh! That More Would Come Forth . .

. . Just to show and tell how it Really is on the Earth's surface for a majority of his, our, my species.

How his observances(1:a, b) (or lack there-of(2)) don't equal one distant observation of Fear in one's entirety of their immediate demise. When you're really knowing that it's happening to everyone you know, brutally, hacking, explosive Death as an incidental of U.S. policy.

Enemies are people whose destruction you're causing. There are no sound reasons for making enemies, certainly not because you can't admit you are wrong. That's when you step into the wrong side. The side of Death at your Deciding.

America! America! Wherefore art thou America? Hiding in the churches and in teh incontinent schools and after-school serials? Pushing the evolution of commercialism in social discourse and interaction. Playing down the important by muddying it with the inane. Wanting always to feel right about not caring about it anyway because, like, what difference does it make how I like it. Just lemme satisfy m'self quickly and repeatedly, even if not always so powerfully well.

You are ruled by Idiots. Just like the junkie said.

Tell him that he's your enemy because of the lives his "policies" have physically and permanently destroyed.

Or let yours, ours, mine slip away . .


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