More Pink Showin' and Less Red Flowin'

Probably cuz she mixes emo and punk, metal and disco, sexy and grungy, thoughtful and immature, but I've been a peripheral fan of Pink's since I first heard her 'bout 4 or 5 years ago. Today I bought my first song of hers.

With this tune, I'm thinkin' any readers here who don't know anything 'bout her or have an (understandably) negative impression might find cause to reevaluate.

Dear Mr President

There're lots of versions of this Tube, but this ver moved me the most powerfully so I went with it. Check out some of the Live performances as well if you like the song.

namaste yo


  1. ; (

    makes one wonder, doesn't it???

  2. Well done Pink! Well done, Michael. Any serious creative person should be doing everything they can to stop this useless regime.

  3. I have a lot of respect for her...This came out when it was a risk for her careerwise, and the Dixie chicks were still getting death threats.

    I love this song...almost has a pop country feel.

  4. i am so frickin' behind on blog reading. thought i'd say hi. i love this song. MmmOooVvving

  5. Hey now, y'all. Glad you like it too. The iTunes blurb says - and thanks to my bro's music collection I can tell is so - that's the Indigo Girls she's workin' with on this one.

    And I just love da pink one's style, eh. mmmmmm {sigh}


  6. Always have respected her. Not always into her music but she's always done her own thing...which is pretty rare.

    And she's always spoke her mind.

    Crushing video.


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