Nice. . . No Toll Booth

An A Coca experience!

That's my exit to the 4th Level, the septic bowel of Hell. (I got that little problem with bein' 'gated to the 2nd Level remediated.)


  1. Oh thank goodness thats not on my beloved route 80.

  2. No no no, m'dear Lady. You're far to Angelic for such an Evil Exit ramp!

    Or, perhaps you be fearing the temptation it proferrs?


  3. I was kind of hoping I would get to hell by some kind of transmographication...tempting vortex.

  4. It's firey glow that's so inviting.

    Or maybe it's the fact that there's somebody's face in there! Hey! I just noticed that there's somebody's face in there!


    I wonder who it is? Maybeeee... Satan?! Hhhmmmm..... Wish I knew Portuguese politics. LOL!

  5. wow, i'm going to the 2nd level too ("very high"). makes sense to me. but i also scored "high" on levels 6, 7 and 8. i didn't think i was SO evil !! (what a relief ... !!).


  6. (what a relief... !!)

    LOL! Ain't it though?!

    And I thought that was you blowin' buy me, Neil!


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