Come on Cavs!!!

Since it's gettin' close to Game Time, I guess I better make my pics.

These involve no Faith in my Cavaliers, by the way. That would be Cavs in seven.

What I think: Pistons in 6

What I hope: Cavaliers in 7

The difference between faith and hope being that I know what's likely, and what I would were true, regardless.


  1. "And so faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and you better know which one to put your money on."

    Saint Paul, I Cors 13

  2. Cavs unless Dirk can win. Every time I come here I just want to type "Trix is for Kids" (in response to "Silly Humans"). Hope you are well.

  3. Two down and two to go. Sorry neighbor, but it looks like the Pistons are going to sweep the Cavaliers.

  4. Heheh... You keep tellin' yerself that, neighbor. {-;

    My boiees 'r' gonna get at least 1 back in C-Town.

    (Freakin' Pistons are Good, though. Wow!)


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