Why I Like Al

Despite Arianna's likin' him too. I think Kos behind him is a more rational endorsement, though still "commercial".

wo of these three sentences say it all. From Slate, on why he's not the Dem's best chance, regardless of whether he is the country's.
There are lots of other reasons that Gore probably shouldn't run, often articulated by inside-the-beltway types. A lot of Democrats still have sour feelings about a nominee who blew a winnable election. Gore never liked the day-to-day work of politics (as opposed to governing) and was a lousy campaigner.
emphasis mine


  1. I would rather Feingold won and put gore in as secy of the interior. That's where he could do the most good the fastest.

  2. I still need to check out Russ's take on World Trade and I hope he's not in line with Sherrod Brown ideologically on that one. Those folks are right to be concerned, but shuttin' it down with too many tarifs and subsidies is unequivocally NOT a progressive idea.

    With Gore's professed desire to stay outta the race, I think he'd make a profound and Historic Interior Secretary. I remember really hopin' he'd take control of that particular department whilst he was VP.

    Good call, PoP!

  3. Regardless of where Gore ends up, it's long overdue that we put someone in charge who cares more about governing than politicking. Someone once said anyone who really WANTS to be president should never get the job.

    Maybe it's time to change our system so we assign the presidency and other elected and appointed posts to randomly selected citizens for a very definite term of office (no re-election): I think a large number of reasonable citizens could do a FAR better job than most of the schmucks that run for office, in part b/c there's a huge difference between the skills it takes to get elected and those it takes to govern.
    (The idea, btw, isn't mine; I first saw it in a Poul Anderson novel.)


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