It's Always "Nice" . .

. . to find someone with bigger problems than mine own.


  1. And just think about the ants...

  2. Spoken in the true spirit of self affirming parenting...

    And while you're at it, walk it off dammit. Walk it off.

  3. Yummy, 'bout the ants. I actually don't see what he's 'plainin' 'bout there. They're sweet, ya know. It'd sure suck to hate 'em, though.

    walk it off dammit.

    Yah. I was thinkin' "you wanna reason to cry? I'll give you a reason to cry..."


    Okay. I guess if my life depended on never cryin' when I'm gettin' hosed defenselessly, then it might be good advice.

    But I swear, "rub it! Rub It!" really does work on bumps and slams. Not so good on compound fractures though . . .}


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