I Thought I'd Thought It Through

Almost all grave software problems can be traced to conceptual mistakes made before programming started.
You can say that about most things in life, 'sfar as I've been able to tell.

'Tip to
3QuarksDaily on a cool story about the reasons projects blow up or fizzle out. It's the design stage that software, in this particular article, gains or loses the possibility of successfully meeting the ends of it's programmers.

And it is unquestionably the little things that count. They're what the big things are made of.


  1. grains of sand can also make beautiful castles

  2. Centuries, generations and years; each are made of mere moments.

  3. I'm beginning to think Gore may be the only person qualified for the job. IF, course, one can actually BE "qualified" to fix the pathetic mess we find ourselves in.

    Did you see him on the cover of "Wired" magazine?

  4. No, not yet, but I knows he's been in it before.

    I like what he's showing. I sort of wish someone new were stepping up like that. He's got DC-Insider dirt all over himself.

    That's not a swing issue for me, but it does turn off folks with an average, superficial grasp of national politics.


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