Don't Wanna Offend the Bigots, Do We?

Here's a quick poll from Austin Cline's About Atheism article exposing one of my state's candidates for our Legislature as bigoted against homosexual folk. First, the relevant portion of the candidate's quote: (but read the whole, brief article for Austin's usual, candid assessment, AND the context in which the quote was made.)
"That letter was in no way, shape or form bashing the gay community. My lack of support for gay marriage is simply this: I’m trying to also be fair to another segment of our populace who think this may not be religiously proper."
Ummm... It's kinda ironic that the irrelevance of his "fairness" gambit vis-a-vie our state's laws is the relevant thing here. But, there you have it.

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Quick Poll: Should we 'be fair' by banning things that are contrary to some religious doctrines?

  1. Of course, it's discrimination if we don't.
  2. Of course not, civil law can't be constrained by religious laws.
  3. I don't know.
  4. I don't care.
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  1. Well I won't bore you with my standard separationist speech- but marriage itself is a religious derivative and the term itself seems dubious for secular society.

    I posted the debate about 'terminology' at Blue Republic a little while back to discuss it as a separation question for all people, atheists too. Why does ANYONE have to call it marriage?

  2. Oh yah. I agree that it's a Domestic Economic Procedure as far as the state needs be concerned.

    I'd still do a nice ceremony whether I was marrying Angie Jolie or Brad Pitt, though. What's the diff as far as government is concerned?

    Plus it's a great way to cut down on unwanted pregnancies. The nutters should be drinkin' up gay legal unions on that basis alone.

  3. ha ha ... that's good. gay marriage as birth control. what would the pope say???

  4. We will be rid of a lot of these bigots soon enough, God willing!


  5. I wouldn't doubt the Pope havin' a personal understanding of how efficacious the idea is. Guys in dresses, an' all...

    Steve! Do you be having a plan, man??? lol! Ahhh.. I guess you're just referring to W's numbered days. 'Twill have to do, I s'pose.

    Happy Saturday Morning y'all!

  6. Quick Poll: Should we 'be fair' by banning things that are contrary to some religious doctrines?

    1. Of course, it's discrimination if we don't.

    I simply can't tolerate the existence of Pepsi, so sayeth the doctorine of Dr Pepper, PhD. in atheology. We should get the government to ban it for that reason, and confiscate KFC from them for my, I mean, the people's purposes.

  7. Homosexuals are SICK people with an attitude. It sounds like YOU are the bigot!

  8. And I'm likin' this KFC 'stead o' food stamps idea. I woulda signed up for 'em a couple times by now.

    No Pepsi. Coke!


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