Who Are You

Your Genetic Journey

Did you ever wonder about your most ancient ancestors?
The Genographic Project will introduce you to them, and
explain the genetic journeys that bond your personal
lineage over tens of thousands of years.
Sure I wonder!

I like to picture my own drifting trail of
materiel genetica, and how my wide array of precursors evolved socially whilst movin' through various parts of the prehistoric northern hemisphere. Lots of human critters poured and drifted and raced and escaped across the Continent over the last 10s of millenia. I wonder which method my own ancestors employed.

Then I see it. A hundred bucks?!

That's a bummer. Hopefully someone's donating to schools around the country. (I'll send 'em a link to this post. Who knows? Ya know?) This is just an outstanding idea for a school project which, from my experience with all kinds of kids, it seems that kids could really get into it, if only they could afford the $ cost.

National Geographic's Genographic Project also appears to be an excellent way to collect data with the subject's permission and their anonymity intact, should they care to keep it so, or be minors and in particular need of that protection.

Of course, the question of where my genes "originated" is already a well established body of material evidence and rationally deduced knowledge. No matter what the mishmash of which so many americans' genes are comprised, the results of this very cool @ home experiment aren't bloody likely to suggest we originated on the North American continental mass.

Afica it was my precious monkeys! Hahahaheh .. .}

On a side, I'm prob'ly gonna lay off the monkey angle goin' forward. What we were and what we are have an undying bond of evolution. We certainly learn from the differences as well as the similarities. Knowledge is amoral. We are the trigger pullers. We are the healers of our own. We are the Ultimate Deciders*. What we know and what we do are
not one and the same.

If they were, we'd still be swingin' in the trees instead o' blogging and bombing each other.

* Is that more Randian or Rovian**?

** He'll get no linkage from me. {-;


  1. The thing I always hate to imagine is knowing that at some point in prehistory my own French-Canadian ancestors were tribal. I mean, I try to picture a group of pale-skinned people like I've seen gathered around the BBQ on Memorial Day trying to dance around a fire half naked...

    I just don't understand how we survived the hunter-gatherer phase and managed to participate in sacking Rome. National Geographic should do a special study, because to me this is a real mystery of the ancient world.

  2. LOL! I'd be havin' cookouts all the time, if only for the immense laughter they'd provide!

  3. We plan on doing a gen test. should be interesting.


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