I'm A Californina Man!

Yah, well, I would be, if I didn't blow all my ca$h on pot...


Just some silly quiz I found whilst commenter-link hopping off the CotG. Ya never know whatchyer gonna find on a Sunday in the blogosphere.

You scored as Marijuana. The most beautiful, chill drug out there is.
You want something that's not too harsh on your body,
and soothes the soul.

It's also not addicting, so smoke it up, baby!

And never have to go through withdrawls.















What's your ideal drug?
created with QuizFarm.com

Truth is, I'm more like 78% None!, with a tad o' Jack and a historically personal leeriness of cocaine. I'm a shroom and xtc virgin, too.

Besides, in the right setting, my personal Drug of Choice is Sex. Nature's High.

Addendum: And I just thought of something else that 'turbs me off: They don't include Cigarettes. Alcohol, but not smokes...

Sure, it's just a silly quiz, but that differentiation only exists culturally. Cig'rettes are the only drug I do have a freakin' problem with.

Alright. das ist alles


  1. Here are my results. I am on three prescription drugs for medical problems so that has curtailed my "fun." Can't even have a glass of wine anymore. Getting older is a bitch. Boo hiss! :(

    None! 69%

    Marijuana 50%

    Inhalents 50%

    Ecstacy 44%

    Alcohol 44%

    Mushrooms 31%

    Cocaine 19%

  2. I miss my weed. It's been 20 years (at least).

    I often wondered if the Alcohol and/or Tobacco industry is now behind the prohibition of MaryJane - seems they have the most to lose.

    I heard last night (oddly enough there was a PBS Special on about Amphetamines and marijuana and an article in today's Boston Globe about wacky tabackey) 11 states have decriminalized pot.

    (I'd keep writing but I can't think of another nickname for grass. :-)


  3. Pretty funny, and totally odd that cigs aren't on there, come on, nicotine...though I don't smoke and I'm more of a drug virgin than I want to be. Thanks for stoppin by my blog...I must read on now, well maybe later, but still, seems an interesting read.

  4. I always enjoy the fact that my company sells reefer to truckers. Why they call it that, I just don't know.

  5. Ah yes Reefer. Another good one.
    and Ganja - can't forget that one.

  6. i was 81% alcohol ... surprise surprise (not) ... it said something like, 'you better quit drinking before you get out of college or you'll turn into a digusting alcoholic ...'

    been there done that ...

    amazing how 'right on' these little surveys are ... scary.

  7. Anita! {ssshhhhhh.. ,}

    Iree mon, there really aren't enough words for tree, herb, grass, leaf, lettuce, or green.

    It's prob'ly just because stoners can't remember what it's called, so they ...

    now what was I talkin' about??



  8. It said I was 100% drug free.. wow, I am good, lol


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