Wish I Had the Body for It!

From PETA's Weekly E-News.


  1. i'm of the opinion that no matter how wonderful one's body is ... when it comes to running (or beach volleyball for that matter) ... it's probably best to keep one's 'private bits' covered. and it's not really a modesty thing ... it really is a matter of aesthetics. i'll go no further on that explanation ...

    (oh, and what IS vegan haggis anyway? is that like vegan chicken? i never understood that concept ... if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, why eat fake meat? just eat your vegetables and soy protein i say !!)

  2. I agree with Anita.

    Did you ever watch Seinfeld? --

    There's *good* naked and *ugly* naked.

    Good naked is *cooking while naked.*

    Bad naked is *doing squats* or other exercise-type activities.

    So, I'm with Jerry on this one. Jogging/running while Naked is definitely Ugly Naked.


  3. "cooking naked"??? Ouch! Not even topless! Least not with the greasy stuff I'm cookin'.

    I'm deferrin' to you find Ladies, otherwise, in no small part for the comfort factor which the proper attire provides. {-;

  4. lol

    "... to you FINE Ladies..."

    {shakin'head} Come on 4:30!!!


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