Unintentionally Shillin' For Gore

Not me baby. All-Intentional Shill here, folks. Enjoy.

[Link] Six years ago, Bush narrowly defeated Gore, apparently because voters thought he'd be a nicer guy to have a beer with. But after years of governmental bungling, of willful indifference to truth, the national mood seems to be changing. Voters have seen that nice guys can screw up. And technocrats with diagrams and charts have never seemed so interesting.

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And, yah yah... I'll be spillin' my reaction to the weekend soon enough. Just lettin' it slide off my shoulders, first. Dude's sure did make a run of it, though. Wow!


  1. "Voters have seen that nice guys can screw up."

    Why people buy into *any* of these guys being *nice guys* just kills me.

    How many super-over-achievers, born into mega-money have you ever met that are *really* nice guys?

    Ok. I've met at least one, but he wasn't a politician.

    So, add the word "politician" in there (up there) somewhere.


    But, it'll happen again. In the next few years if I hear anyone say..."Well, George Allen seems like a really nice guy -- like I'd love to have a beer with him."

    I'm moving to Canada.

    Or France.

  2. Lordy Be.

    I just re-read my comment....do not EVEN think when I wrote:


    That that had any relationship to The Decider *at all!*

  3. Not for a minute Dahrling. Not for a minute.



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