Holy Hoops!

I almost didn't think they'd get it done.


Cleveland - 74
Detroit --- 72


  1. Yay! I thought about you when they won!!

    It's always fun to win, huh?

    (But I gotta admit I was watchin' Grey's Anatomy...had to see my McDreamy on last time this season...)

    Don't kill me!


  2. Why.. I oughtta ... LOL!

    You silly Blue Girl! Of course you were watching Grey's Anatomy. It was the season finale!

    Anyway, it was one of those games that only a sick fan could love. Dominating defense on both ends of the court made it very hard to watch... {shakin'head}

    But Wow! These are two VERY good Team-focused ballclubs. Good stuff, indeed.

  3. If someone told me a last week ago that the Detroit-Cavs series would be more competitive (2-2) than the Mavs-Spurs (3-1), I would've told him he was nuts. But with the surprises that this NBA postseason has already shown (like the Lakers' improbable 3-1 lead and the Suns' miraculous comeback), these playoffs are totally up in the air. LeBron is maturing right before our eyes. Unlike a certain "pompous, arrogant" Laker superstar, James is not a quitter. But he still has a long way to go (5-of-10 in freethrows, is he finally choking in the clutch?).

    The playoffs are no longer the long dress-rehearsal to a Spurs-Pistons rematch most basketball pundits have envisioned. Indeed, it could very well be a Mavs-Heat finals by June. But don't take my word on it, it's really too close to call.

  4. Dan! I hear ya, man. IMH*O, Kobe was the most dominant player in the Association this year, but his attitude and "quitter"ness cost him. And you can watch Lebron consciously trying to be a more well-rounded player than Kobe has ever consistently attempted to be.

    I think his FT % suffers most when James plays too many minutes. I saw 'em play the Wizards in the reg season, and he went 9 for 17 from the line, whilst playin' nearly the entire game! That's a Shaquillean percentage, but Shaq gets plenty o' breaks in every game. {shakin'head} 21 or not, the kid is still freakin' human Coach! Rest him, sometimes.

    (Gotta get you back onthe sidebar, bro! L8R)

    * LOL! Sometimes.. .}

  5. I gotta hand it to the Cavs. I thought the Pistons were going to sweep the series. I just hope Detroit's basketball playoffs don't end up like hockey did.


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