Nobody's Perfect

But, oy vey! Some - understandable - screwups are more screwed up than others.
Man Out of Jail After Mistakenly Confessing
33 minutes ago

A Stark County family celebrated Mother's Day with a reunion.

NewsChannel5 reported Christopher Bennett was released from prison after serving four years of a nine-year sentence.

The Ohio Innocence Project proved Bennett was a passenger in a fatal crash -- not the driver.

Bennett suffered a brain injury during the accident and mistakenly confessed to being the driver of the vehicle.


  1. "OOPS!" is good. Good word for this kind of thing. OOPS! covers all sins.

  2. I'm not sure of this is good for him or falls under the "sucks" clumn.

    better out sooner rather than later I suppose. But damn, one wonders how many brain damaged ignored bastards linger in corrections...

  3. That idea, Liz, that's the only thing I'd ever had against the Death Penalty, until recently.

    Now, I just think there's no excuse - except in-your-face-immediacy - for the killing of another human being. Abortion is fairly concretely covered by the "in-your-face" (or uterus, as the case may be) aspect. Plus, I honestly think men make their decision to become a father or not before they have the sex. After that, it's entirely the woman's decision. And a man who is lied to about the options his choice of women might consider, has simply no choice since it is not his body hostin' the growth, regardless of his genetic contribution.

    Happy Springtime, y'all!


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