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Sometimes poll numbers as a political motivator
are truly beneficent to a Society.

If they help stiffen the Senate's spine on
this typical Bush nominee, it will be at least one small mend in the shredded Honor of our Congressfolk.
Tuesday, May 9, 2006

CIA: Disturbing choice

The Bush administration's nomination of a military officer with ties to a domestic wiretapping program as the new CIA director is disturbing. The Senate should be on guard about the effects on the nation's future of confirming the president's nominee, Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden.

Republicans have raised some of the first concerns. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., promised to examine the wiretapping Hayden formerly ran. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-GA., called Hayden's military background "a major problem." Even if Hayden resigns from active duty, military leaders or just-retired officers would run all the nation's key intelligence agencies. Hayden is respected on many counts but his record includes running the National Security Agency during the 2001 terror attacks.

National security adviser Stephen Hadley said Bush "has determined that Mike Hayden is the best man for the job." The burden rests with the White House to show why the Senate should even consider waiving its constitutional right to reject Hayden.

“Bush has determined . . .” has, quite unfortunately for the United States (and the world at large) become synonymous with “bad idea”. I’m not saying to roust this guy, Hayden, from the spy corps altogether, though I’d get a visceral satisfaction from seeing the man responsible for wire-tapping US Citizens held to account for such.

There is simply no way to endorse his Directorship of an Agency he's already shown he will use unconstitutionally. The nomination itself is bound to inflame the conspiracy theorists. Libertarians and freethinkers, as well as
Patriots of both major parties should be (and frankly are) roundly dismissing this nominee as dangerous to our Democratic Republic and the ideals of Liberty, Freedom and Government accountability.

But I can see W’s point in trying. What the hekk. He got Alito and Bolton through the process with this Congress. Why not try again?


  1. Friggin' Matt Lauer, this morning, wants to know why we just don't let Bush have his chosen man.

    Who's paying Lauer and how much is he making?

  2. Well the argument for this is that there have been many military choices and the budget is over 80% DOD. So the pick makes sense from that end, its the NSA issue of concern.

    Lauer is a moron.

  3. It's what you get from a Com major rather than journalist. Are the journalists gonna start comin' outta their shells soon, or not?

    Moyer's still workin', at any rate. Even if he can't get a worthy venue.


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