Since I'm Feelin' Weird Myself . .

. . I figured I'd just post this.

Without even listening to 1 second of these clips, I think I'm gonna like this band.

What's the specific question?

--- Can I tell from the 1) Band's name, 2) album and 3) song titles if I'll like the music?

(I mean, come on...Serious Young Insects? Running from the Aliens??? lol!)



  1. Its ok to use your feelings in aural consultation,Bains.

  2. lol! Thanks!

    It's a pretty cool album. It has an old Jeff Beck sound to the guitar work, and while at times I thought the keyboard was a little too front an' center, the overall feel was akin to a Joe Satriani album. No lyrics, which works with the style.

    Whoever the drummer is, they're really good. The rhythm is just relentless.

    But $26 Australian? Isn't that, like, $15 or $16 or something?

    Whatever... It was fun scopin' the tracks, a couple times in a couple cases. Good stuff.

  3. well, obviously, my favs are "malfunction" and "sort yourself out" ... they will be the #1 and #2 most-played tunes on my i-tunes. don't know if that's good or bad ...

  4. 'Sall good, Anita!

    Despite how I ended my reply on the rabbit post, Anita, I gotta say that we seem to think quite similarly, quite frequently. To quotechya, "don't know if that's good or bad ..." And for whom if either of us! lol {sighhh} {-;

    "Malfunction" has a seriously fun-to-play beat for a drummer, and "Sort Yourself Out" has got a way familiar energy and freneticism, not to mention bein' plain, good advice.

    I didn't find 'em on iTunes, though! Wazzup wit' dat??? Just too new I s'pose. Good stuff, though.


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