Carnival of the Godless #40

Step right up and enjoy the godless thoughtfullness of the blogosphere at Science and Politics.


  1. I'd like to think the general public has noticed that the rise of creation "science" just happened to coincide with the involvment of conservative Christianity with politics.

    This would be one of those "big" coincidences, as per that Seinfeld episode...

  2. wow, MB, you really are a serious atheist, aren't you?

    i'd join in the carnival festivities myself but, well, given that i am croatian, and according to my grandfather from zagreb, that serbian guy is my sworn enemy. plus he's godless ...

    just jokin' ...


  3. I think the Public ignores too much until it actually appears headed for their throats.

    I wouldn't call us "slow learners" but, well, yah, I guess I would.

    Even some of us Polish, German, Irish and Croation atheists take a couple extra kicks upside the head to figure things out, sometimes.

  4. Speaking strictly for me, it took many kicks.

  5. I gots Ibuprofen if ya be needin' it Liz.

    Lemme know. {-;


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