This is from Daniel Dennett's Breaking the Spell:

I believe in God: ___ Yes ___ No ___ I don't know


God Exists: ___ Yes ___ No ___ I don't know

If pollsterology wasn't a word, it is now.

This is from the chapter on belief in Belief. subpar 4, The lowest common denominator pg 223 in hardcover.


  1. No, and "probably not". Both are tenative conclusions.

  2. I do not believe a god exists, therefore I can only answer the second part...no.

  3. I'm quite quite comfortable with no belief so saying "I don't know" has more to do with well, not knowing what originated the entirety of existence.

    It certainly wasn't anything I've heard proposed by any religion, and that's for sure.

    I simply how different those two, very similar questions, really are.

    And I thoroughly enjoy the use of gnarly adverbs.


  4. Ooops! lol

    I simply appreciate how different those two ?s are.

    {sighhh} I'm wakin' up late this morning...


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