The Immigration Age

The Hipster has a quick post on a new Senate bill making english "the national language".

The first commenter got me to respond by pattin' this 800lb gorilla on the back.
You cannot bring weakness and illiteracy into the country and ask for all kinds of privileges.
There be the crux. How to deal with needs not met by the economic "opportunities" for which so many folk cross into other countries.

Differences aside, Europe and the US have worked relentlessly over the last several decades to ensure Free (Fair or Not) Trade across the globe. With that result comes ever larger flows o' folk affected, both for ill and well, by their economic pre and proscriptions.

It's all good, as long as we take it seriously instead of only being reactionary.

Our species has been doing this forever. We've wandered, settled, wandered, settled. Still, we've had a lot more practice settling over the last several millenium, than wandering. Actually, we've developed quite a dislike for wanderers as individual groups (perhaps the Bedouins should be excluded from that group.) It's just that now there are more people than have ever tried to live together.

I wonder what the History books a hundreds from now, if there are any, will say about the Immigration Age.


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