God Made Him Do It

Or maybe he's sayin' G's got plans for him in prison. Or somethin' . . .


Some folks just don't get that lying is wrong regardless of whether it cost other folk lots and lots of money or not.

Though that last bit sure makes this more satisfying from a judicial perspective.

[Link] Lay, 64, and Skilling, 52, who were once lauded as two of the world's top business leaders but later became poster boys for corporate deception, looked shaken when U.S. District Judge Sim Lake read the decision to a packed courtroom.

Skilling looked down as the verdict was read. Lay sighed heavily and shook his head, as his wife Linda grabbed his arm. Afterward, Lay's family members swarmed around him, weeping. He was not crying as he tried to console them, saying, "God's got another plan right now."


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