Not Gone - Not Forgotten

The People's Email Network is another one of those activist groups that make communicating via petition extraordinarily simplified.

They provide the online form, I fill it out and my Senators and US Representative receive the information. Simple.

Let 'em know that you do not support fascism in the United States government. It only takes 30 seconds to fill in your residence info, then another 30 for the optional "why the hekk I'm fillin' this out" mini-essay.

Like this one:

President Bush's "heart" may be in the right place - the defense of American interests in the broader world - but his tactics are entirely without respect for our US Constitution.

The evolution of this Administration has all of the Hallmarks of classical fascist politics and such ideologies have Always failed homo sapiens, because they reduce - NOT Succor - Liberty, Democracy and open, honest government.

Please do what is necessary to protect our freedoms in this country and hold this President responsible for his derelection of duty to defend the founding principles of our Democratic Republic.


  1. Have to have a heart before it can be in the right place ...

  2. Well, you know, biologically I'm sure it has to be in the thorax somewhere.

    Unlike Cheney's fouled up ticker, it seems W's is beatin' like Austrian Clockwork.

    It's a good point for further research, though Sir. His actions to date certainly seem to support your assertion. Maybe the good Doctor Dean could take a scalpel and some ribsplitters to the Chimperor, just to make sure, of course.

    Then again, I don't really s'pose we can't be trustin' technology in the hands of Dirty Liberals (Dean???) to ascertain such a human mystery as what's in a man's heart.

  3. OK then get get Frist to wield the nasty scalpel of truth.

  4. Touche!

    No matter how how unlikely that rat is to be honest 'bout his findings.


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