Bunny Wants the Ball

Unfortunately, the camera part of this cam-phone sucks.

It's still nice to have it handy for "show an' tell".

Happy Saturday, yo.


  1. The rabbits are all over the place down here too. aren't they great?

  2. We had a couple of domestic rabbits when I was a wee one. It helped me learn how they've all got their own little personalities, so I always see wild critters as little individuals, and like to imagine what they might be imaginin' themselves.

    This guy's got some curiosity and came up pretty close to me on the deck, so I was talkin' to him while havin' a smoke. When I asked if he wanted to shoot some hoop, it was so cool cuz he just kinda did a quick hop to where ya see him, and sniffed at the fence where the ball is.

    He was probably trying to get away from the moving and noisy big critter.

    (And, sorry Vegans, I was thinkin' what a nice little main course he'd make. Cute? Oh, yes it is. I'm sure the li'l guy would be totally tasty too!)

  3. Silly rabbit, balls are for kids.

  4. I could not believe when I came here to comment that no one had taken that one.

  5. D'oh!

    I was just thinking, "Now, why didn't I think of that?!"

  6. Good one, Tonya!

    We were in a pet store today and saw little baby rabbits! They were so cute. Floppy ears all hangin' down.

    Also kittens. Too adorable.

    Great photo, MB.


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