Atheist Hollywood Wags the Dog

From a member of the Yahoo Atheists-World group. Dude's alright.


  1. Much LOLery.

    It made me giggle.

  2. Book was OK, but I checked out on the notion of a Da Vinci Code movie, the moment it was announced that Tom Hanks would have the lead role.

  3. Ahhhh... 'm just sharin' me joy.

    I don't know, Kvatch, maybe I'm just a homer, but I've thoroughly enjoyed just about every Hanks' flick I've seen.

    Did he like, work on Dubya's "re"election campaign, or somethin'?

    Cuz that would make me hiss at him, but still watch his movies (on free TV anyhow. {-;)

  4. Maybe you can stand next to me in the lonely line of one who enjoyed Cast Away. Probably not though. It's ok if you don't come over I've been here by myself for a while.

    I saw X-men this weekend just to be safe. They haven't messed up one of those yet.

  5. Awww... I'm right there, Tonya. We don't even need to look down our noses at the Hanks Haters. Let 'em hate! {-' I actually had a problem with the Helen Hunt character the first time I saw it, but it wasn't there the second time around.

    Was that the X2 I saw on FX? That's the first I've seen it, and it rocked! lol I haven't seen X3 yet, but with the box office numbers it just grossed, I'm thinkin' it may not have been the last movie. I can definitely see me renting all 3 though.


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