Cleveland 86 - Detroit 84



  1. You can say that again! I tuned in to the game in the last 2-3 mins. Detroit, the supposed team-to-beat in the Finals, is teetering on the edge of extinction. James is brilliant as always, his assist to Gooden for the lead is a smart move. Now the "unbeatable" Pistons will have to win two games (one in Cleveland) to advance to the East Coast Finals. And judging from their last three games, they're the underdogs now.

  2. RAmen Dan!

    I was totally on the edge o' my seat, last night. When Det mad that run at the end and looked like they were gonna take the lead, {shakin'head}

    The Cavs just kicked 'em in the teeth and basically said "I don't think so!"

    Goin' forward, I gotta wonder if Mike Brown (Cavs' coach) is gonna start Larry Hughes in C-Town... Flip hasn't scored any more than Hughes was, but he's got his rhythm and is in sync w/ the series. I hope he brings Larry off the bench, even if he ends up playin' a lot of minutes.

    It really seems to be intensity more than rhythm for these guys right now. I'm just freakin' pumped that my freakin' Cavs went an' shut that offense down on its home court.

    Freakin' WOW!

  3. I find out in 'bout an hour if I'm gettin' my company's suite tomorrow.

    My legs are crossed! (Uhh, cuz I don't believe in crossin' my fingers. lol! {-;)

  4. Company's suite? Whassat? The special VIP rooms we see on ESPN from time to time?

  5. Yeppers. They're perfect for visitin' customers and employees from across the country.

    No luck though, this time. Well, not so.

    I got tics for Pearl Jam on Saturday. I'm not complaining.


  6. Oh yah!

    And My Morning Jacket's the opening band.

    Nope. No complaints at all.

  7. Rock on, Cavs


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