No Way? Really??

Hayden Urges CIA Critics to Refrain
Gen. Michael V. Hayden, President Bush's choice to lead the CIA, strongly defended the administration's policies on domestic surveillance and the treatment of detainees during his confirmation hearing yesterday, and urged senators to suspend debate about CIA failures and give the agency a chance to...
(By Dafna Linzer and Charles Babington, The Washington Post)

Hayden vowed to remake the CIA into the premier intelligence agency, in part by encouraging officers to take risks and to admit uncertainties even when top officials press for definitive findings. He promised to "speak truth to power," and said that he and the intelligence community had learned the lessons of Iraq.
Can there be any doubt as to how much I hope so, but doubt it?

My fear is, dude's really just blowin' smoke to cover up the reality of the value of his "intelligence" abilities. That certainly seems to be the classic Dubya's Admin style.

We'll see.


  1. Headline on page one of today NY Times: C.I.A. CHOICE SAYS HE'S INDEPENDENT OF THE PENTAGON. Seems he once had a disagreement with Rummy.

    The's guy is a general, for cryin' out loud. He's independent? Bullshit!

  2. Dude is, quite unnoticably from the Chimperor's POV, out of his gourd.

  3. He promised to "speak truth to power...."

    Uh, General, veteran CIA agents TRIED that... and, at best, they were entirely ignored and at worst drummed out of the service, their reputations destroyed.

    Especially in today's climate, anyone who suggests the Congress ought to "suspend debate" ought to be treated as the brainwashed Bush personality cult member they obviously are -- and sent to a deprogramming specialist, NOT to a powerful federal job.


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