Sounds Like A Relapse

Society allows us to "spread 'em out!" We find our own way. We surf the world and learn how to thrive in the wild unknown, or economics compels us to "get it together" and return to our roots for a base of support.

We evolve as a species, one cosmic second, and billions of individuals, at a time.

Not sure, right this second, what type of governmental economic intervention is necessary for posterity's prosperity. I'm havin' enough trouble workin' on my own.

Families Add 3rd Generation to Households
Published: May 25, 2006

Tess Crescini keeps trying to limit her roommates to her fiancé and her dog, but so far she has failed miserably.

At the moment, Ms. Crescini, 51, and her fiancé are sharing her four-bedroom house in San Jose, Calif., with two of her three adult sons, a daughter-in-law, a 3-year-old granddaughter and a brother who comes and goes. Exorbitant housing costs, layoffs and children who yearn for family togetherness have coalesced to make her the head of a multigenerational household.

In a society where the most common type of household is led by those who live alone and where the scattered family is almost a cultural institution, many grandparents, adult children and grandchildren are gathering to live under the same roof.

The last census showed these "multigenerational households" — defined as those of three or more generations — growing faster than any other type of housing arrangement.

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  1. Actually, this shouldn't be seen as shocking... it's simply our society's gradual reversion to the extended family households almost everyone had through most of history. I think it's a good thing -- saves resources, ensures (or at least greatly increases the probability) that children get genuine supervision and protection, encourages communication and problem-solving, etc.
    I just wish it wasn't linked to declining economic possibilities for many of us.


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