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I've wanted to blog this all day. Just because it's both an age old story (foreign "diplomat" finds warm welcome turned to "legal what-the-f***???") and a new twist on Internationalism.

I think she'll be fine. The Dutch, well . . . They'll be fine as well, of course, or most likely anyhow. They're just in for a rough couple o' decades as immigrants continue - despite this turn of events - to find sanctuary in the West.

And we in the US think we've got immigration headaches. It's an evolving species, folks. Don't forgot to adjust yer helmets and fasten yer safety harnesses.

From der Spiegle.


"Voltaire and Erasmus Are Spinning in their Graves"

By Henryk M. Broder in The Hague

Holland's most famous immigrant -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- has been stripped of her citizenship overnight following television revelations about news that's long been public: she lied a little on her application for asylum years ago. The controversial decision by the country's immigration minister has sparked outrage, and many are calling it a dark day for Dutch democracy.


  1. It's a big, big shame.
    Europe is a little thin on politicians who are not scared to say it like it is regarding Islam and Liberty.
    She lied about her asylum claims.
    In the UK nearly 1000 illegal immigrants have been jailed for crime, sometimes violent crime, and then released without deportation. Released and lost in the system. released to commit crime again.
    It would make a cat laugh

  2. interesting post on immigration here:

  3. I totally agree, Stew. This is one of those stories that flies off americans' radar, even with the Boarder Guard issue arising in the news right now.

    As much Historical knowledge of ourselves as we have, we still fail to accurately see how our decisions have all been made before, no matter how knew and "unique" they may seem superficially.

    Their revocation is exactly the kind of thing that gave me this blog's title. WTF???

  4. Hey, thanks for the link. I'll read it right quick, and can guess that the "fear" has something to do with losing political power.

    When one already feels like they've not got enough o' that currency, even before their community or Nation experiences ever larger swarms of folk with very "different" cultural pre-sups gaining prominance.


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