What's the Difference?

I'm really not liking this Not-being-able-to-post-from-work thing.

I'll adjust ..

Thersites has somethin' to mull if yer missin' m'own spin ... or attempts at a lack thereof.

Bush, Cheney and Libby Did Not Follow Rules for Disclosing and Declassifying Intelligence

Here, courtesy of the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy, are relevant excerpts of Executive Order 13292, setting forth the procedures for classifying and declassifying secret information (and which, incidentally, was referred to by V.P. Cheney in his February 2006 Fox News interview).
And he points out a fact which speaks incredibly cogently about the means of this Admin to achieve whatever their ends might be.
(3) Rebutting the "de facto declassification" argument, the order makes clear that authorizing disclosure of classified material to an outsider is not the same thing as declassifying" it."
I need a freakin' vacation from everything. A sabbatical would come in quite handy for the next 3 months or so. {sigh}

Maybe next year. {-;


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