Synergy of Cowpox

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The text from some SPAM message 'bout, I think it was Real Estate, or something...

Just made me laugh out loud, so share it I shall.


  1. Jeez, spam.

    For the last 3 weeks I've been getting 2 or 3 mails a day, with random generated subject titles like "Forest Gathering", "Table Lighter", "Tyre Postmark" and the mail contains a jpg of a page about stock market advice. The mails are always from different addresses.

    All I can do is keep deleting them and hope they get bored.

    When I am president of the world Spammers will be anally rapped with a frozen rope.

  2. Anally rapped? Rapped? yes, maybe that too, but I meant raped, as in sexually violated.

  3. Hey, either way, it sounds like karma to me.

    I just usually imagine it's either some punko dork kid OR a spinsterly ol' lady "working from home" that are actually sending out the spams. In both cases, your resolution is kinda hilarious to picture!

    Regardless, I'll be sure to be on yer good side when yer elected, Stew!

  4. I think we should research the deterent effect of frozen rope. I usually advocate summary execution, though it's resource-heavy to find an infestation and then apply flamethrowers. My method's fairly quick for getting rid of individual spammers, though I'm not certain how it would affect the population as a whole. The problem for both is the vermin rights activists, whom I don't understand. It's not as if they're any sort of higher animals.

  5. I'm surprised the Spam Bot didn't write that Viagra would cure your cow pox so that you could maximize your impresario.


  6. That was an actual message you got? At least your spam's more entertaining than mine.


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