LaRouche Likes Bush??

I couldn't figure out why Lyndon ... ahhh.. nevermind.

President impresses LaRue, Reds
First sitting president in Reds' history to toss first pitch

By Doug Harris
Dayton Daily News

CINCINNATI | President Bush came away from his visit to the Cincinnati Reds' clubhouse Monday with a souvenir — a black bat compliments of star Ken Griffey Jr.

But one Reds player ended up with a memento, too.

Catcher Jason LaRue hauled in Bush's ceremonial first pitch after the two played toss beneath the stadium.

"He gave me the ball we were warming up with," LaRue said, "and it's on lockdown now."
He gave him the ball they were warming up with. What a guy.

What?!? heheh >;}

Go Tribe!!!


  1. My reaction to stories like this is always - who gives a fuck? Now let's get back to reality.

    No offense meant to baseball fans but plenty of offense - heaping helpings - for Bush.

  2. I just wonder if Shrub considers that First Pitch ball as a notch on his bat, or on his gun.

    He may not know the difference...

    And if he wanted to do it right, he'd have thrown out the real first pitch on Sunday. I bet Hillary would've been home in Chicago for that one.

  3. LaRouche eats Bush for breakfast.

  4. Lucky guy. Oh, you mean Dubya Bush .. ;-}


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