PC Mac

Yah, we were wonderin' when this was gonna happen, at work. Me an' the Geeks.
Apple makes Macs run Windows XP
Apple has released software that lets users run Microsoft's operating system on its computers that use Intel chips.

Called Boot Camp the program lets Mac owners run both Apple's OSX and Microsoft's Windows XP.

A trial version of the software is now available so users can install it. Future versions of Apple's OSX software will include the program.

The release follows efforts by hackers to get Windows XP booting up on Macs that use Intel chips.

I am kind of surprised they moved so quickly on it though.

The Mac OS ain't worth the trouble of learning a new one to me. I'm not even using the Linux build which I've got it loaded. I do prefer Open Office to any version of MS because OO's Writer is easier and more relevant for my use, even though I've got a legal license to run MSO XP.

Maybe on my next PC...


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