Not Gonna Happen . . .

Not unless it tastes great on both Ovaltine and Quisp.


  1. Is the big cow the Bush administration and the small one a normal citizen asking for a drop of sanity-in-governance? I guess maybe I read too much into things...

    Btw, just my luck, started my blog and immediately blogspot developed some kind of temporary glitch.

    My url IS valid if anyone's tried it without success... Just have to wait for the blogspot storm to blow over... thanks...

  2. Heheh.. Read on in, Darius!

    And I've checked your site and sent myself an email of the link. I've already done too much "personal surfing" from work today, though.

    I like your premise, and am glad you've left both the comments.

    See ya along the way.

  3. I dunno, man, EVERYTHING tastes good with Ovaltine.


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