Time to Switch . . .

from Jack Daniels?

Thanks to some linkage to this post from mi amigo, Bronze Dog (at Rockstar's Ramblings,) I've actually done {GASP!} a little math.

The good (?) news is that Gas is still cheaper than Beer.

Part of my comment o'er yonder.
72oz = 1 Six of Bud Light at 'bout $6. That's barely more than half a gallon so, yes, beer is still far more expensive than gasoline.


  1. "Drink, don't drive"...I love it!

  2. Yes, beer is good. ...gooooood.

    So is "Jack." I don't think I can ever leave my good friend Jack. He's been there for me through all the rough times.


  3. Here we pay 50cents for 33ml of beer and 1,35 for 1 litro of gasoline. Gasoline is cheaper, but i prefer beer anyway...


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