Free Inquiry Magazine too Controversial for Borders' Blood

Holcberg is spot on. It is horrifying and unacceptable that any retailer should Fear doing business in the United State of America. And the irony of the particular magazine's Title is almost overpowering.

I often disagree with the ARI's takes, simply because they are often fundamentally emotion-based in their preference for individual rights OVER those of the community or larger society.

But this Letter to the Editor is a prime example of what I enjoy and appreciate about their organization so much the rest of the time.

Dear Editor:

In another victory for the Islamic totalitarians, Borders and Waldenbooks stores decided not to stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine, which contains the Danish cartoons of Muhammad.

The motive for their decision is clear. "For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority," Borders Group Inc. spokeswoman Beth Bingham said.

Borders' capitulation is a powerful reminder of the Islamist threat under which we live. It is also an ominous sign of a pervasive fear taking hold of our society: the fear that Muslims will lash out violently against those who criticize or ridicule Islam. Our right to free speech is under attack by our enemies and they are succeeding in silencing our writers, editors, publishers, artists and bookstores.

Our government must do everything in its power to make sure we are safe to exercise our right to speak, denounce and offend anyone, especially those who today seek to subjugate us to Islam and its taboos.

David Holcberg


  1. Sorry, but can't run with the ARI, ever.

    And though the sentiments in this letter are easy to agree with it does not address the very obvious contradiction in asking the government to support our free speech (and other) rights when we're dealing with a government and administration which, at present, is also seeking to supress them.

    Seems the irony in this would be obvious to an ARI ultra-libertarian.

  2. Heheh.. no wonder I missed it.

    Seriously, I think ARI's one of those proto-eugenic, splinter groups. You can't really compromise with 'em, but that's fine since they'll probably be among the first groups of homo to emmigrate off-planet en masse. What there is a it.

    Umm, once the government has provided enough R&D for a market-oriented space infrastructure, of course.


  3. I am not a supporter of ARI, but I do enjoy *some* of their articles and op-eds for being strong about the individualism and freedom of speech thing....


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