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Dear Friend,

There's still time for you to sign up to help get out the vote for the May 2 primary.

You can dramatically increase our chances to win this November by helping rally the base for next Tuesday's primary.

We need volunteers this Saturday and next Tuesday to get Democrats to the polls.

Join us at a campaign activity near you:

Click here to get out the vote for Democratic candidates.

Thank you for all that you do.


Sherrod Brown
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Paid for by Friends of Sherrod Brown

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2280 Kresge Dr, Amherst OH 44001
Phone: 1-800-587-4180 or 440-282-3314

I feel just a little bit disingenous posting this, right now.

When I moved to U Heights in August, I had a quite a bit on my mind and have never even considered registering to vote in this town, since I'm planning on moving again in a couple more months. There'll be plenty of time to register for Fall, once I've found a new place this summer.

None-the-less, primary elections do mean
something, so Don't Forget to Vote next week Ohio!


  1. Do you really think it's worth the effort for anyone to talk about Democratic party strategy for November, when the Republicans are protected by audit-free electronic voting? They are going to rig the outcome in their favor.

    The Democrats have no chance of retaking the house or the senate while there is no ability to verify election outcomes. If you want to talk about Rovian misdirection, this is the biggest one of all - while the Democrats get gleeful about polls, he sits back and gets ready to pick the next Supreme Court justices.

    And when people do grumble about this in November, it will be way too late.

    They do not need to rig every district. Just enough to make the small difference they need.

    (Or do you think the Republican party can be trusted with the elections process?)

  2. I heard the board fired the head dude at Diebold...but, I haven't had time to google info on it.

    Have you heard that?

  3. First to Anon, I've gotta say that, No, I do not currently have any trust for the vast majority of Republican "Deciders" currently "duly" elected. Sadness, that.

    It's not always the case, but this current batch has proven to be inordinately corrupt and disrespectful towards the entire concept of Democracy. Oh the irony . . .

    Hi BG! I heard a blurb on NPR this morning, which concerned Diebold, and I told myself I'd look it up. Despite bein' round the blog today, I still haven't seen anything pertaining to them in the headlines.

    I'll check'er out later as well. The whole concept of voting machines has always been tricky. Diebold's idea is great but, as so many of us have seen, their implementation leaves quite a bit to be desired.

    Happy THOR's day!


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