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Talk about an Industry that has limited means to regulate it's self! I love this stuff but parents have really got to take more serious interest in their kids. The more so since not all of us can or will. Hires Official to Oversee Users' Safety
New York Times - 14 hours ago, the social networking Internet site popular with young people that has alarmed some parents and law enforcement officials concerned about sexual predators, announced yesterday that it was hiring a former federal prosecutor to be its first ...
Web site fights predators, sexual content Monsters and
MySpace steals web safety guru Australian IT


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  2. Sara up there speaks a very interesting language!

    I've got a 14 year old that sneaks constantly onto myspace. No matter how much I talk to him about it, he just does not believe anything bad could happen. Next step is -- computer is gone if I catch him again.

    Then I let him know about a little thing I can look at called "history" -- he became very wide-eyed.

    I know that maybe my worry to overblown about myspace -- bad things can happen in real life and in the virtual world -- but myspace still scares me.

  3. Blogger can be the same way, and no doubt they are both open invites to anyone surfing through.

    My Boogrrrl's buddy has MySpace and a Blogger blog and she writes all kind of stuff and posts pics of herself. I seen porno ad comments on her blog and tried
    to talk her through setting up the Turing Test (word verification) but she just laughs it off. She's a tough kid but ... I just worry cuz she's only 13 yet. I think her Dad uses the PC a little but again I'm not so sure how much track of her activities they keep.

    Fun and Games! {sigh...}


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