What an Extended Family . .

This National Geographic story on Out of Africa is amazing. The Greatest Journey combines the data collected from both mtDNA and the Y chromosome and even puts us face to face with ourselves after millenia of separation.

As not-so-well as that actually went, it's interesting to imagine how it could still be better.
With the settling of the Americas, modern humans had conquered most of the planet. When European explorers set sail 700 years ago, the lands they “discovered” were already full of people. The encounters were often wary or violent, but they were the reunions of a close-knit family.

Perhaps the most wonderful of the stories hidden in our genes is that, when unraveled, the tangled knot of our global genetic diversity today leads us all back to a recent yesterday, together in Africa.


  1. I think we should send all the white people back to Africa.

  2. It could be a lottery! The winners get to go back .. as indentured servants. Th(w)ey'll have to work hard, but the kid's'll be born citizens, and it'll be our responsibility to educate 'em an' raise as such, despite the whole, you know, slave thing we're stuck in.

    No draft, though. Just a lottery, of sorts.

  3. You'll never convince the bigots in this world of that fact.


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