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My buddy's given me a few links on this topic lately.
U.S. aid to Israel put in sharp focus


To John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, heartfelt thanks are due. They are very eminent academics, from the University of Chicago and Harvard respectively, and the authors of a treatise titled "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy."

To most European ears, their case is persuasive. Israel, they argue, has become a liability in Washington's war on terror, that has reduced America's ability to deal with rogue states. There is no longer a moral or strategic case for U.S. support for Israel, and the billions of dollars it extends to the Jewish state each year, no questions asked.

Yet, claim Mearsheimer and Walt, such is the stranglehold of the lobby on Congress that these policies are never seriously debated. The lobby itself, the authors say, is led by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other pro-Jewish groups. It also includes powerful gentile outriders in key positions, mostly in the neo-conservative movement, in the Bush administration and on Capitol Hill and in the media, as well as the politically influential evangelical Christian movement, which believes that a greater Israel is the fulfilment of God's will.

(emphasis mine)
The Cold War is definitely over. Slick Willie's Admin certainly didn't press for reevaluation of our numerous and subtle ties to zionism. I think they talked about it enough to keep the idea alive though. It would've been strange to see the US dropping extended support to Israel whilst we defended muslims against genocidal nationalism in Yugoslavia. No one can say to precisely what extent that combination would have siphoned off much of the grass roots enthusiasm for groups like al Qaeda though.

Still, I don't see any rational reason to demonize the Lobby for pushing it's agenda. It's the ignorant pols, who really have trouble grasping what they got themselves into when seeking National office, that need to get our purposes overseas back in line with both international law
and our own national interests. Aka, a worldwide reduction in Terrorism.

Withdrawal of overt and far-reaching support of Israel does
not mean we won't be there to help militarily repel any overwhelming swath of invaders. They are our Allies in more than just the geographic. Israel's Economy is one the strongest in the world, much less in the Middle East, their Democratic integrity, really only has one glaring flaw.

And that's exacerbated by the omnipresent fear of terrorists attacks.


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