Some Things Bear Repeating

I'll usually say that in some totally different context,

but . . .


Thanks to Orac for remindin' me it's a kinda a holiday, by providing a nice look into the deranged Bunny's off-season activities.


  1. Ooooo! Looks like some kid's gonna be havin' nightmares...

  2. The bunny in the first picture looks scarey enough, let alone the second one with the teeth! lol

  3. Nightmares may be the least of his worries... Doh!

    And I think the bunny on the left looks a lot like the killer in the linked flick.

    I think this is all evidence that the Easter Bunny is real, and he is decidedly EVIL.


  4. I love the bunny video. :) My friends want to get easter bunny costumes and just run around and cause havok. Why not make Easter more like Halloween?

    Works for me!

  5. Imagine Carnival lastin' 'til the end of Oester! Instead of fasting for a month and being debauched the rest of the year, we have one long get-it-outta-your-system-now party.

    Works for me too!

  6. Personally, I'm not much for the food-based holidays, but I hope you had a Happy Chicken Embryo and Candy Holiday, nonetheless.

  7. Gee, thx Kvatch. I did have plenty o' presum'bly unfertilized and irrefutably scrambled Chicken Embryos. Mostly the happiness took a back seat to purgin' myself of nicotine, though.

    Dark times, these past few days. Veeery dark times... {shudder}

  8. Umm...I hope that bunny takes some Prozac or something to calm himself down. He definitely looks like he's a bit frazzled!


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