Um, hi General Mills? Do you deliver?

Okay, from this kinky bit o' Pee-Zee's Pin-up linkage ..

.. I got this, Bad Astonomy googlebomb (nicely done there, Phil!)

which, somehow (don't ask, don't tell) landed me on this gruesome tale

of a Wiki'dly dubious nature.

That led to something I could only have dreamed of being real!


If you've never had Quisp, well, you're probably too old (and wise!) to start likin' 'em now. But this stuff has always been my favorite cereal! Smokes Dig 'em Smacks, hands down blows away Cap'n Crunch, and the "healthy" cereals like Life and Cheerios could never come close to sheer sugary xtc of crunchin' down Quisp first thing in the morning. Cartoon's were never so funny as when watched eatin' Quisp!


Okay, commercial and utterly twisted tale of inane bloggerwanderin' over.

Now to go see if they deliver...


  1. Quisp, huh? Hmmm. I may have to try that stuff. Is it safe? I'm not sure I like the looks of what it's done to that guy on the box...

  2. I always had crunchberries, carefully saving the berries for the last bites.....

  3. .. saving the berries for the last bites.


    Exactly! Quisp always being so hard to find, CC w/ CBs is a fine alternative; eaten just as you desribe.

    Of course, in answer to Neil's query as to their "saftey", nowadays I gotta have whole wheat toast with 'em, or risk "blockage"... {shakin'head}

    I don't wanna get old! lol!

  4. I was gathering equipment years ago, in the college biology storeroom, when I turned and saw a row of jars containing (mostly acephalic) "monsters." Quite a surprise, I asssure you.

  5. Oh--the lesson was, don't eat Quisp if you're pregnant.


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