Imagine ..

.. having this job's problems for the entirety of eternity!


  1. Chuckle. :-)

    What message would it send if St. Peter had to chain the pen to his lecturn?

  2. The flip side of being St. Peter is that you get to tell people like Saddam and Dubya they're been bad boys and send them to eternal damnation... overall a pretty cool gig.

  3. Excellent opposing views!

    Philosophically Harmonious and, like the braking system on a full-hybrid (i love the irony there as well! lol,) slowing down re-energizes the debate.

    I'm bettin' dude'd have his Inifinite Ink Inc Pen on a golden chain around his neck.

    Hekk, it may even be an available Optional Angelic Appendage®! (Ink sold separately, must supply own meta-surgeon for this outpatient procedure, actual Ink Mileage may vary, consult local laws for Transdimensional reassignments and assignations, Void anywhere where Deities are deemed inapropriate for anyone but young children, or where Deities are prohibited to young children or young children don't bother going anyway, or won't be likely to be either harmed or helped by said Appendages or referenced Deities. No deposit necessary.)

    We now return you to your (ir)regularly scheduled blog.


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