Vacation's Comin'

N.Y. Exhibit Shows a New Take on Maps
By DEEPTI HAJELA, Associated

NEW YORK - From ancient charts to computerized navigation systems, people have always relied on maps to tell them where they are and where they can go. But there are maps that are more than just physical destinations. A map can also be an abstract place.

A new exhibit shows how mapping can go metaphysical, charting such information as the relationships between different scientific fields. 'Places & Spaces: Mapping Science' is on view at the
New York Public Library's Science Industry and Business Library through Aug. 31."

It's just somethin' I'm thinkin' of doin' this summer.

This guy seems to think it'll be worth the drive.
This unique exhibition, at the Healy Hall in midtown Manhattan, uses innovative mapping techniques to physically show what and where science is today, how different branches of science relate to each other and where different branches of study are heading, where cutting edge science is erupting as archipelagos in the oceans of the yet unknown...
The link to the NYPL Science, Industry and Business Library doesn't actually have anything to add, but it still sounds like a great way to kick through an afternoon in early July.


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