Gotta run. Had to post.
I've just sent the following message to both Coke and Pepsi corporate:

As I understand it, the FDA is playing games with data concerning benzene levels in soft drinks. I realize that most corporations are major supporters of the Republican party; however, given the incompetent cronyism and pseudo-science exhibited by BushCo, their GOP cohorts and the people they've put in charge of government agencies, I've decided to quit drinking all soft drinks. When I see evidence that corporate & political greed are superceeded by concern for public health, I might reconsider.i>
That's from a commenter on John in DC's post on the FDA hiding findings about Benzene in softdrinks. It's brief but to a recurrin' theme of a point.

Oh, my comment as well.
It's really sad when the FDA can't even manage to call poisonous levels poison.

We've gotta start treating the Carbonated Industrial Complex more like Big Tobacco and press the issue of osteoporosis rates being higher among long time cola drinkers. So much Capital tied-up in such a disservice industry is criminally negligent.

But they can't even call poison, poison.

Hey, planet Earth.. Is it gettin' warm in here?

Have a Co... a juice and a smile, y'all!


  1. We are living in bizarro-world now, don't you think? Or have we always? And we're just realizing it now?

    I don't know -- seems absolutely crazy right now.

    They won't call poison, poison.

    They passed or are going to pass a bill regarding pensions where there's language that states: A company has *fully* funded the pension if they have only funded 60% of it.

    Fully funded = 60%

    We need to get these people *out.*

    Michael, are you volunteering for any campaigns, etc. for the mid-terms?

  2. They won't call poison, poison.

    If it takes on Meme status, it may awaken quite a few more people.

    Hey now BG! I don't know .. I'm pushing for Feingold but hesitating on Sherrod Brown. Mostly because, the more I learned about DeWine in the last few years, the more I find I like him. It's just that my disagreements with him are very serious.

    And Strickland for governor hasn't enthused me yet... I still think I'll get more than just blogardly motivated.


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