Mighty Tom Martyr

Hoo whoa Daddy-o!

Blog daddy Brent Rasmussen has found some
scary Delay blather and has a couple valid points projected on't.

I think he was probably always off his nut, but at least he was quietly off his nut. Now he's got this whole dang martyr complex thing going on.

[link] "Sides are being chosen, and the future of man hangs in the balance! The enemies of virtue may be on the march, but they have not won, and if we put our trust in Christ they never will. ... It is for us then to do as our heroes have always done and put our faith in the perfect redeeming love of Jesus Christ."
Wow, I mean, just, wow. The "future of man"? "Enemies of virtue on the march"? C'mon, Tom. Quit scaring the kiddies with all your spittle-flinging crazy-talk.

I'm not sure my man's got the proper perpetrator pegged for perdition, though. I could be, of course, be wrongish... {-; Check out the rest on UTI.


  1. You should check this out:


    Hope you and Boo have a great weekend.

  2. God, is he just really disengenuous or is he serious. michael i love the new layout. Quite easy on the eyes.

  3. LOL! Juanita's place is hilarious, and informative as well!

    Thanks Kathleen. I might just blog it.

    Goin' back to read more now...

    And thanks a lot LOC! I mean it. Your comments 'bout paragraph style of the old template were my 2nd biggest impetus to change it. The whole crash and corruptus when I replublished thing just forced me to cut short my search for a new template.

    One of these days (months, years..) I think I'm gonna want to pay for a hosting service. Blogger is working quite well-enough in the mean time.


  4. Yikes... Thanks for the link Michael. I was over at UTI this morning but I guess it was before Brent posted that. Scary indeed...

  5. It seems like Brent had a slow postin' period there, for a while. He's definitely back in the swing o' things again, now.

    Cya C!


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