frickin' if ownlies . . .

Disclaimer: This is not a cry for help. Just some reflectin' I gotta blog.

Doesn't that look like a chunk of grass is falling out of the picture? On the bottom right.
September '81, my Sophmore year as a Lorain Catholic Spartan (and angrily blooming agnostic) where that skinny permed punk was second string Varsity offensive line for about 3 weeks, 'til I twisted my knee on a practice block.

My freshman year started out so goddam good and then I gave up weight lifting after school. Then, since I'd "nothin' better" to do, I started
smokin' grass with kids closer to home, failin' algebra (which was always a struggle anyway, broke up with a girl just to get punked by another. . . All of which made smoking grass even more appealing. DOH!

And all because I hated being myself unless I was good at something AND appreciated for it.


Like most people, I am, of course, good at many things. Those, so far, have simply not happened to include personal credit with banks or women. I hate having to work hard at the former (though I'm
finally findin' the trick of it,) and really don't know how to increase the latter w/o really changing who I am. Really.

Guess I'm just writing this to work it out in my head and be able to kinda take a look and see what everybody sees. Blog's helped with that.



  1. I hate and admire people who have the whole personal finance thing figured out. I've just given up and figure it'll work itself out somehow.

    Cute football pic!

    Oh -- and don't change who you are for anyone...

  2. Hang in there, brother. You'll figure it out.

  3. Blue girl is right. Maybe you and Boo Girl should go outside and toss some pigskin.

    Happy Earth Day, BTW.

  4. Thanks, and Happy Earth Day everybody.

  5. "Still you're comin' back
    You're runnin' back
    You're comin' back for more...
    So take it
    To the limit
    One more time."

    "Lighten up while you still can,
    Don't even try to understand
    Just find a place to take your stand -
    So take it easy." - Eagles

    It probably doesn't help, but their lyrics often gave me a peaceful easy feelin', so to speak...

  6. heheheh..

    Well, the doorman says I can check out any time I want but, apparently, I can never leave.

    Not really sure what to make o' that one... `-}

  7. Fortunately, I still do!

    Like the rest of me though, I'm never quite sure what to do with it.

  8. When you figure out how to like your good, bad, and ugly someone else will too. That is the secret.

    You got love here with your web of observers.

  9. I suppose we all have pictures like that. Now I'm afraid to dig out the high school annual. Eerily familiar uniform. Our colors were red and white too, but my # was 11.


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