No Answers from AiG

Apparently, nobody told these guys that Jesus didn't ride a Dinosaur into Jerusalem...

Answers in Genesis is a little uncomfortable with the latest logical linkage of lobe finned fish to land walkers and, ultimately (read: so far) to us. Thanks to PZ, I got to read the Lancelets rebuttal.
Most of the article discusses the report in the NY Times rather than the original reports in Nature. This has the clear implication that the authors are more interested in the public's perception of the matter and have no scientific interest in the actual fossil material itself. As if that needed to be said. It is another manifistation of that odd species of thought that is creationist solipsism.

Their opening shot is the fact that the discoverers, when interviewed, used tentative wording to describe their interpretations. This is a rather alien concept for creationists: the idea of proceeding cautiously towards conclusions, rather than brazenly starting with immutable revealed Truth.
My initial response to their site, which I haven't seen for while, was to laugh out loud. The Dinos y Gazelles were just freakin' adorable!

It doesn't matter what mood they were in when they described their work. It matters is that what they've literally uncovered is something one would expect to find; not in all the particulars, but as a logical resolution to environmental and interspecies obstacles of existence.

Survival. Life. Circumstantial natural selection as we all both fill and create our niche. As critters have always done. Only we're conscious of it. We are aware of our existence in a sense that Religions are attempting to vocalize, even w/o their awareness; Homo is the only critter which can understand it all. And we will know it all eventually. Hopefully before we're too late to save us from ourselves at the very least. Undoubtably as we survive and evolve.

Unlike what the AiG, The GodSquad and 700 Clubbers think of their own once sublime, but now just silly suppositions, science isn't known before it's studied. The Book of science is always evolving and being reevaluated. That's Life. It's what needs to be done to Understand your enviroment and how best to make your place within it.

Hekk, maybe we get Global Climate Change under control and *poof* we then know how to terraform Mars and other planets and moons. That's got me thinkin' SF/Fantasy.. with a Gaian angle... hhmmm..

Now, excuse me as I raproach with my own craziness,
sans Godstuff.


  1. Jesus DIDN'T ride a dinosaur? Well, that doesn't really matter. What matters is that he COULD HAVE if he had wanted to. It was just easier to find his ass.

  2. Yessir. He could manage that pretty well with one hand, I'd imagine. Perhaps two.

  3. Hmmm... Rereading your post Neil, I'm thinkin' he may have actually ridden in on an M1 Abrams.

    Yes. Yes, that sounds more likely.

    Thanks for your help there, bro.


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