Shakespeare's Sunday Sermon

Shakespeare's still producing his plays in the blogosphere.

(Shooter) I don't know how you can blame Harry Reid for your lack of intelligence, sir.

(Satan) "Sure I can! In fact, I think I'll blame Harry Reid for everything! That damn Harry Reid!

"But, um, the press has got wind of the fact that YOU are the leaker you're looking for, sir. Remember when you told me to 'Get it out!', and so I told Scooter to tell Judy to tell everybody that...

"No no! When I told, I mean Harry 'Get it out!', I meant to get yer head outta yer ass!

"You did not!

"Did too! Or would you like me to blame everything on YOU instead of Harry Reid? Huh?!

", sir. I think blaming everything on Harry Reid is a splendid idea, sir.

All the while, SMB's Take the Money and Run is playin' in my head, and I'm lol ...


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