Play Ball!

Iree Update! Cleveland 3 and Minnesota 2.

And it only took 15 minutes for the sun to reach our seats. Spent the rest of the game baskin' in it! (Except for the 20 or so mins in the Lounge, of course.)

There's nothin' like live sports on Sunday.


I ain't gonna let
the temperature, get in the way of my enjoying this today.

I gots me some Club Seats from work. And the indoor Club Lounge is right behind 'em, if I need to warm up, or somethin'.
Johann Santana got swatted around his first time out, and Westbrook looked great in his opener up in Chi-town. The tribe's hitters are gettin' it here in the first week, but I really expect this to be a quick and low hit game.

Cleveland - 1

Twins ----- 0

I'm certainly hopin' so anyhow. 45˚ is freakin' cold after 2 hours sittin' lakeside in the shade.


  1. Where are you at today? I'm needin' somethin' to read.

  2. Tonya, you're a blogger's dream! lol!

    Thanks for askin' Lady. What happened is that, first thing into work this morning, I opened an email from my boss telling me I use the most by far non-work-related Internet Bandwidth in the entire building.

    Now, that's only 4 floors and 'bout 350 people but.. Doh! lol I took his hint and laid off whilst on TA's dime.

    I really have gotten accustomed to posting a lot more then I had in the past. I've got 3 (or 4..?) things in the DRAFT folder since this morning. Heheh.. I'm not even sure what they all are any more.

    The worst part is that I could barely cruise the news cuz I follow links all over the place.

    Stay Tuned.


  3. Truly, the Twins' ballyhooed pitching staff is being crunched. Congrats!


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