Counting Down the Seconds ..

.. to International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Countdown to TalklikeaPirate Day

I only took a screenshot. I'm guessin' (but not checkin') they might supply the code for the ticker if asked.

H/T goes to Neural Gourmet, at which I'm lurkin' in wait for this Sunday's Carnival of the Godless!

Carnival of the Godless

In the meantime, enjoy your expressions of sloth, (okay BG? {-;) whilst embracing some of the gently reactionary redemption of Bronze Dog's Sunday skepticomics.

Dogfight #1: Michael Behe

The following interview actually happened in my imagination (La-la Land adjacent):

BD: We're here today with Michael Behe, one of the leading propeller heads of the Church of the Butt Propeller.

Behe: Woah! The theory of intelligent design is not a religiously based idea, even though devout people opposed to the teaching of evolution cite it in their arguments.

BD: First, ID isn't a theory. It's unfalsifiable, and therefore untestable. It's not even a hypothesis because of that. Second, it's kind of hard to ignore the religious motivations. Judge Jones sure found a lot of that in the school boards.
Oooohhh, BD rolls sixes! Or something good in RPS speak! lol!



  1. Gosh, that church of the Butt Propeller sounds good! Be nice to find a use for my fat ass...

  2. Heheheh.. I ain't got enough ass to s'port one of 'em, meself.

    I did tell Bronze Dog, if he breaks the sketch up over 3 days or so, like this Neil guy I read does, he might get more comments on't. I know there're cats readin' him an' noddin' in agreement.

    Not that I'm one to talk about posts (or comments) goin' on forever ..

    I always seem to go on until ...



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